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camera shy

Feb 9 2013, 10:54 PM
Geesh, it looks like Rafe & Kate are stealing Ejami's thunder..... Rafka have a potential to be a really intriguing pair, the secrecy factor would make it even more exciting compared to the ho hum domesticated Ejami! At first I thought this was just a ricidulous idea, but ole Rafe, after four years of absolute hell with the Queen of Insanity, can't be denied a little time to howl! :whistling:
And bonus is according to Lauren, Kate understands what Gabi's going through she's on both Gabi and Will's side. Gabii needs a smart bitch like Kate to take on Sami. I can't wait for Kate to have her first run in with Sami after being with Rafe to see what look she'll give her and what she'll say. And didn't Kate and Rafe get the cover of SOD? Ejami who? :D
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