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camera shy

Feb 9 2013, 02:10 AM

Monday, February 11

Sami tells Marlena sheís fallen in love with EJ, again.

Kristen fakes being drunk to show Brady a more vulnerable side.

Daniel and Chloe bond over Parkerís medical crisis.

Eric chastises Nicole, when he catches her going out in a sexy outfit.

Stefano phones Marlena to taunt her.

Chloe informs Daniel that Jennifer lied about where they were going.

DVR Alert: Sami finds a small box in EJís coat pocket containing a diamond ring.

Tuesday, February 12

Sami waits for a proposal, but receives another surprise.

Jennifer and Daniel get into a heated argument, when she admits she lied to Chloe.

Stefano calls Kate, leaving her in a bitter mood.

Nicole canít bring herself to tell Eric the truth.

Chloe destroys an apology note Jennifer leaves for Daniel.

DVR Alert: Rafe winds up in an unexpected situation, after having too many drinks.

Wednesday, February 13

Daniel is disappointed he hasnít heard from Jennifer.

Brady confesses to Kristen about the real reason he canít marry her.

Lucas and Will wonder if the threatening text is from EJ.

Rafe faces the consequences of his impulsive actions.

Gabi frets about Will wanting a paternity test, but Nick reassures her it will never happen.

Will opens a mysterious package.

DVR Alert: Jennifer arrives at Danielís apartment to apologize, but ends up having it out with Chloe.

Thursday, February 14

Brady admits he feels culpable for Arianna and Madisonís deaths.

Deeply affected by Bradyís pain, Kristen wonders if she can go through with her plan to destroy him.

Will receives a Valentineís Day gift from Sonny and assumes he wants to reconcile.

Gabi and Nick share a romantic celebration.

With Maggieís blessing, Victor pays a nice visit to his old love, Caroline.

DVR Alert: Sami returns to her office and is delighted to find the ring box on her desk.

Friday, February 15

Sami learns that EJís ďproposalĒ is actually the concept for a new ad campaign.

Wanting to protect Gabi and Will, Rafe and Kate confront Nick.

Will is mortified, when Sonny reveals he ordered the Valentineís gift before they split and forgot to cancel it.

Abigail is embarrassed when Cameron comes close to discovering her secret.

DVR Alert: Nick hints to Gabi that he has something on the Hortons that they can use to retain custody of the baby.

Sweeps has started hasn't it?
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