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Feb 10 2013, 01:55 AM
Feb 9 2013, 10:54 PM
Geesh, it looks like Rafe & Kate are stealing Ejami's thunder..... Rafka have a potential to be a really intriguing pair, the secrecy factor would make it even more exciting compared to the ho hum domesticated Ejami! At first I thought this was just a ricidulous idea, but ole Rafe, after four years of absolute hell with the Queen of Insanity, can't be denied a little time to howl! :whistling:
And bonus is according to Lauren, Kate understands what Gabi's going through she's on both Gabi and Will's side. Gabii needs a smart bitch like Kate to take on Sami. I can't wait for Kate to have her first run in with Sami after being with Rafe to see what look she'll give her and what she'll say. And didn't Kate and Rafe get the cover of SOD? Ejami who? :D
More and more I'm getting into this 'pairing'. I've gotten over their wtf factor and want to see where the writers are going with this. Personally I feel Sami brings down all the men she's paired with. When Rafe first showed up in Salem, I thought he was an interesting character but then Safe happened. The little said about Ejami the better. Lucas seems to be the only one immune to her BS but alas Tomlin hates him. What makes this even more interesting is that these two are entering into this friends with benefits with both eyes open. When spoilers for Bristen came most were against it but their chemistry proved to hot to ignore but we kind of know where that story will lead but not so with Kafe/Rate/Kara or whatever. Not that I'm comparing them to Bristen only that there's no real foil with them except Sami (if and when she finds out). I think this is nothing more than a good fun story and it's likely these two will go back to not knowing the other exists in a month or two and it will be okay. So I will enjoy this ride for what it is and the less I see Sami's stint into a life of boring domestication the better I will be.

All I ask is they give Lucas a woman of his own, no one deserves it more.
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