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Feb 9 2013, 11:10 PM
Feb 9 2013, 10:20 PM
Feb 9 2013, 10:04 PM
I look at it a different way. If they believe and accept that Will is gay, it shouldn't matter why he slept with Gabi, because no matter what the answer is...Will's still gay.

Not questioning it, to me, shows more care, support, and acceptance than questioning it does. I certainly wouldn't question it if I learned that one of my gay friends had slept with a woman shortly after coming out of the closet. I'd "get" that without even needing to hear an explanation. I think that most of the people in Will's life are intuitive enough to feel the same way.
I think Sonny has a legitimate right to question Will about it, especially prior to deciding if he wants to get back together with Will. It's not so much a matter of what Will did in the past but what he could do in the future. Will was openly gay when he slept with Gabi back in August. What's to stop him from doing it again in the future, be it with Gabi or another woman? He said he was gay then. He says he is gay now. I honestly do not see the difference. Sonny should be very skeptical of Will because he will never truly be able to trust him if he says it won't happen again.
I'm the complete opposite -- Sonny is the person whom I would least want to see question Will's decision to sleep with Gabi. Sonny has always been portrayed as a very intuitive, understanding, proud gay man. Sonny knew that Will was gay before Will knew. Sonny would also know, IMO, that sleeping with a woman does not negate the fact that Will is gay. Sexuality doesn't work like that. And bisexuality wouldn't come into play, because Sonny was there when Will was agonizing over his sexual identity. Will certainly didn't choose to be gay -- he just is. If Will were bisexual, he could have simply suppressed the homosexual portion of his sexuality and lived his life as a heterosexual man. His life certainly would have been easier that way, and he still would have been "happy", but Will wasn't able to do that because he is gay, not bisexual. Sonny knows that -- not just because he's intuitive and understands sexuality, but also because he's shared a bed with Will. Knowing that Will slept with Gabi after coming out of the closet (and, more importantly, before having any sexual experiences with another man) isn't going to change the fact that Will is gay. Hell, one could argue that Will knew that he was gay before he slept with Gabi the first time, and no one's ever suggested that Sonny needs to question that decision.

As for not trusting Will, trust has not been broken in that respect, so that seems irrelevant to me. Will didn't cheat on Sonny. Will lied to Sonny, but he didn't cheat on Sonny. Will has given Sonny no reason to suspect that he might eventually cheat on Sonny -- with another man or a woman.
I also think Sonny would not question Will's sexuality, although I'm still not convinced Will wasn't at least messing around with Neil during those dates last fall. I really like that the show has portrayed a difference between sexual acts and sexuality, and Gabi even questioned whether Will was bisexual after their encounter and Will said emphatically that he was gay. This, I assume, means that Will had to work very hard to perform with Gabi and he wasn't into it. People have sex for all different reasons, and that night Will slept with Gabi for reasons that had nothing to do with sexual attraction to her.

I've been watching the Netflix series House of Cards and
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Will, on the other hand, is gay.

Sonny is angry at Will not because he slept with Gabi, but because he lied about the baby. I still feel bad for Will on this front because during the first days he found out, it really was only his and Gabi's business. However, once Gabi decided to keep the baby rather than have the abortion, Will should have confided in someone and was foolish to go along with keeping the secret. What I love about he and Sonny's relationship is that Sonny knew something big was up with Will. He sensed it, but Will wouldn't tell him. In hindsight, the truth was obvious to Sonny but he had every reason not to immediately clue in that Will had knocked up Gabi.

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