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Viewing Single Post From: Kate and Rafe Have Sex
camera shy

Feb 10 2013, 10:34 AM
Rafe is like a new man? Everyone is new. It's called Out of character writing. And that may be great for those who want a bunch of different characters with the same faces. But if you were a fan of Rafe (the dude has a lot of fans) or a fan of consistency I doubt they are cheering the changes.

Everyone is asking for changes to Dan or at least an acknowledgment of the guy he really is but the show refuses. Yet we get these changes.
Well we know it's in Rafe's nature to be revengeful......that was his main reason for helping Nicole.....to get back at EJ for the griefsex. So maybe now it's Sami's turn, when he's sticking it to Kate, he's sticking it to Sami too. :D
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