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Sami knows that Gabi has done something that could've landed her in prison if Rafe had not helped her. Sami knows that Gabi and Nick were planning on never telling anybody the baby was Will's. Sami knows that Gabi is influenced by Nick and she knows Nick is not above breaking the law. Put that all together and I think Sami has reasons for her suspicions of Gabi. Like I've said MULTIPLE times, I disagree with how Sami has treated Gabi, but I do think she has some valid reasons for her POV.
Sami also knows what she herself has done in the past regarding paternity issues. She is obviously predisposed to expect the worst from Gabi. Her past experiences also enable her to see the dynamic between Nick/Gabi that Will is blind to. All of that, plus the fact that she knows that Gabi did something for which she could have gone to jail, pretty much ensures that Sami will be focused on Gabi's every action.
None of these reasons give Sami a right to be so nasty to Gabi.

If she has a problem with Nick, take it out on Nick if she is so convinced that he is influencing Gabi.

She was also told that it was Gabi, Nick and Will that came to the decision not to tell anyone. Gabi told her and Will told her. Will told her that he knew from the very beginning that the child was his. So, this situation is not similiar to what she did in the past and what she did was worst.

She seems to be taking everything out on Gabi when Will her son was also keeping the truth from her.

She has no idea what Gabi did, that may have caused her to go to prison. It could be anything, so that does not give her a right or a reason to be attacking her, considering this is all about her not being told that the child was Will's.

After everything was explained to her, there was no reason left for her to continue being horrible to Gabi, but that did not stop her. If she does not trust Nick, then take it out on Nick, not the mother of her grandchild. I am not even invested in this story but, Sami's behaviour was awful. Good on Rafe for leaving her. She is disgusting.
Personally, I think this is exactly true Sami, she is selfish, impulsive, and have hot temper, so of course she gives Gabi a pice of her mind when it comes to protecting her son's rights as a father, nothing strange at all with it it makes perfect sense when it comes to Sami. :)
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