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Feb 10 2013, 02:16 PM
Feb 10 2013, 12:21 PM
Feb 10 2013, 09:57 AM
Feb 9 2013, 10:20 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWill's still gay.

Not questioning it, to me, shows more care, support, and acceptance than questioning it does. I
William slept with Gabi, because TomSell wanted a baby storyline. This is the only reason. Yes, unfortunately it happened after William came out, but only because TomSell were fired and MarDar took over. William is gay, and he never will sleep with woman again. Point. Blank. Period.
I agree with you. Will sleeping with Gabi was only done because Tomlin always wanted Will to sleep with Gabi during his coming out process before he officially came out. Unfortunately, because he already came out and Tomlin was still set on that story he still had Will sleep with Gabi to get the story he wanted. But to me it still almost works. Will had just come out and was still not comfortable in his own skin. But that time has changed. He knows he is gay and hasn't for one second doubted who he is. He has only doubted himself being a good enough father for his child. He even told Sonny that he had never felt comfortable with himself UNTIL he slept with Sonny and that he finally knows who he is.

If they wanted to have Will doubt himself or others doubt him they would have had Lucas or Sonny or Will himself immediately question Will's gayhood after the baby truth came out. But Will and Lucas were more than clear that no matter what happened with Gabi he is 100% gay and that is never going to change and he will never doubt him being gay again. Again, the only reason he slept with Gabi was because Will was still doubting who he was and wan't comfortable in his own skin.

Will is 100% gay and will never sleep with a girl again. The only reason he slept with Gabi was because this was supposed to the be story from time Will's coming out began. The only person Will will possibly sleep with besides Sonny would be another guy.
I'm not so sure. This is soapland and I think you are right about this being what Tomsell wanted all along. It will always depend on what set of writers they have and if they want to cause some drama for Will and Sonny and choose to throw a woman into the mix they can do. Do I necessarily like the idea? No. The writers can mess with any couple and use any device to do it.
I don't think Will doubts his sexuality, at least that's not what I see. I'm just not convinced the show wouldn't involve a girl, particularly Gabi, in causing trouble for Wilson.
That will make Gabi look even dumber then she does now.
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