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Panda Panda
Feb 10 2013, 02:57 PM
I honestly believe that Will's rights as a father are secondary in Sami's mind when it comes to the pregnancy debacle. In her very first confrontation with Gabi after the reveal, Sami outright said that she wasn't going to let Gabi keep the baby away from her.

This whole custody battle mess is just a result of Sami being angry that she was lied to and that her grandchild wasn't going to be in her life even though Nick,Will,and Gabi all agreed to it. Even more recently it's become a pissing match between her and Rafe.

Sami may have some very valid points about Will fighting for his parental rights (especially when you consider what the viewers know of Nick) and of course she wants Will to be able to have access to his child, but I just don't believe that she's doing all of these things primarily for Will's sake.
Oh, I agree Sami is not doing all of this solely with Will's rights in mind. She's protecting her rights as well. Will's are the primary motive in her mind, but I think she does put herself right along in there as well. So does Lucas. Lucas and Sami had a conversation about it and Lucas was the voice of reason reminding her that Gabi is the gateway to having access to their grandchild. She and Rafe also had the discussion and Rafe tried to tell her she didn't have any rights. EJ jumped in and reminded Rafe that she would have 'plenty of rights'.

So yeah, that's there and I wouldn't think we are supposed to think any differently based on those scenes they've given us. Plus, it's Sami. So....yeah. LOL.
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