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The Scorpion
Feb 10 2013, 04:56 PM
Feb 10 2013, 04:48 PM
Feb 10 2013, 03:00 PM
Feb 10 2013, 02:54 PM
Just because it makes perfect sense for Sami does not make it right or feasible. There's something called "growing up" that one can expect from a person. Sami acting like this as a young teen mom was one thing. This is quite another. Also, when evaluating Gabi- doing something that could have gotten her thrown into prison unless her brother got involved- ummm...what about Will? Did he or did he not shoot EJ and let his father take the fall? What makes Will any better than Gabi?
I'm loving Sami acting like an irrational, hypocritical bitch!!

It suits her.

I don't want to watch characters be all rational & noble all the time.

I am not enjoying her one little bit. It is not even an excuse to say it is Sami being Sami. She should be beyond these irrational behaviour by now, and when she behaves like that I don't find it amusing or entertaining. I just want her off my screen. She is a grown woman with four children, they should have her start behaving more mature now, and give her a brain. She hasn't got one. I constanlty have to be rolling my eyes if I happen to see her, and hear her speak.

I enjoy watching Nick and he certainly is not boring. I enjoy watching Nicole and I never find her boring and there are others. Characters can be flawed but, with Sami they are making her downright unrootable. She is not interesting, just stupid.

Well, I disagree with you, I find her very entertaining right now, when she played nice little housewife to Rafe, she was a real bore and not entertaining at all, so this Sami is perfect for entertainment value. IMO :)
I find Sami boring with EJ also, not just with Rafe but, at least when she was with Rafe and before she decided to cheat on him with EJ, I could stand her then. Now, she has no cause to be criticising anyone, not Kristen, Not Brady, not Rafe, Not Gabi. and she should never again call anyone a slut.

It was a joke, and not a funny one, hearing her ciritcise Brady for being with Kristen when she has gone back with EJ of all people. Then to listen to her going on at Gabi, all I want to do is tell her to shut up, and dont open her mouth again until she has something sensible to say, that does not highlight what a hypocrite she is.

PS. I do know we won't agree, just stating my opinion on Sami Brady. I also am liking her scenes with Rafe, now that he is not sucking up to her like EJ is.
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