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Harlee Kin
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Will was reluctant to get into a relationship with Gabi, he was pressured by Caroline and Gabi. He was not yet comfortable coming to terms with his sexual orientation nor could he approach his narcissistic mother with the issues as she was busy trying to figure out who her true soul mate was and ends up yelling at everyone.

Had his family stayed out of it, there probably would not be a baby, but there interference continues to this day. They think they have all the answers and yet were so out of touch with Will that they did not know he was gay. He has clearly communicated that he is reluctant to be a father and that he prioritized his relationship with Sonny over a traditional family but it falls on deaf ears because to the Brady family, it is the WRONG answer.

It would be unacceptable for the characters now to be made "straight" all of a sudden and I think it would cause a revolt in the audience. I hope Sami et al will STAY OUT of his life and respect his decisions but I know this will not happen.
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