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heck yeah! Back in tha day, I was a serious Shuis junkie. Luis/Sheridan were the only reason i watched passions. As for Rafe, for me, I think its time he moved on. What reason does he have not to? Sami ain`t having any problems moving on. Is he supposed to long/wait patiently for samanther to come back to him after she plays in jr`s fruities or another`s for as long as she wants. No point in rafe falling in the same pit hole that lucas has been in for the last decade or so. His love life has been practically nil since lumi ended except for the brief chloe disaster and the mention of a fiance that was quickly ditched. Thats my main problem where sami`s concerned. The guys stories hit the skids when they`re not paired with her. That ain`t right. Time to leave the heiffer on the shelf and stop treating her like she`s some golden prize. There are more interesting and viable women that can be brought to the canvas. As for the physical therapist, i give a big heck yeah to mckensie westmore coming aboard in the role to give rafe a little loving and new life.
Kate and Rafe? I`ll be there for the fireworks. And I`ll also be cheering in the background for autumn to land in salem too.
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