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Feb 11 2013, 02:44 AM
Feb 11 2013, 02:27 AM
Feb 11 2013, 01:57 AM
I am curious to see what AZ and GV will bring to the table as their relationship begin to change. They are both beautiful people and sometimes the best looking people never have the best romantic chemistry. I am hoping they prove me wrong. I really want to like them and it hasn't been easy for this fan.
From the way Corday hinted, "we're a long way off from where the audience THINKS we're going", it looks like they dropped the romance angle. I would love to be proven wrong.
Well at the moment they're going nowhere so anything will be a welcome change of pace. it's weird how characters like Nick are brought in and thrown straight into a romance complete with major storyline and then Eric hangs around for months not doing anything. I'm sure the ideal pace is somewhere in the middle.
I didn't think Eric was "not doing anything." Romantically, nada but the writers did something smart with him: they established his character first. We have seen that this path in life in a serious one. He's committed his life to the church and plans on doing this for the rest of his life. They also fleshed out hisbackstory while he was gone and show him as a priest (advising his friends and family, doing Nabi's almost wedding, etc.) to further solidify that this is who he is and it's important to him. So, if/when Eric gives it up for Nicole, it will have a bigger impact for we'll know that he's giving up something important to him for Nicole. Why, because he loves her that much. A s/l with Ericole requires these beats to play out slowly and over a lengthy period of time.

I wish they did this with new characters of the past: esrablish and solidify who they are before pushing them in a relationship. Maybe then, the audience would like them and they wouldn't end up killed off or in another country.
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