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Strictly My Point Of View Here!

But Uuh this ain't got too much of nothing to do with Chels and Adam fans,NoNo! That mess popped off on twitter the way it did because of a select few within the Sharon and Adam fan base YES! That select row of messiness leading the charge with they little cloak and dagger tweets to anything Sony & CBS affiliated blowing up the executives mentions while shouting the same GARB spew at the Y&R writers attaching their ("How dare You Have Chelsea The Bore Pregnant") tweets.. The original photo was from EH web-gram which was later posted on soaps..com and then brought over on twitter now was Liz wrong if not instructed to do so..HELL YEAH! But let me put in check whats real, Those same motherfuckers out there parading to the writers like she committed the ultimate wrong is the SAME ones who gladly Shouted to the heavens on the Sharon and Adam previous spoilers that hadn't been talk about and were supposedly leaked by the Sanctified Soap Apostle MM and them bitches had not one got damn problem dragging those spoilers all over you-tube and anywhere else...O`but now they wanna Shit A Brick at Liz (EH)?..RMMFE

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