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Viewing Single Post From: GH: 50 years in 50 hours Soapnet Marathon

Heres eps I hope they play:
1.L&L wedding
2.Holly and Robert have fallen in love and Luke returns from the dead
3.THe story where Steven Lars webber the truth about his birth or paternity is
4.A.J is born
5.Alan tries to kill monica and Rick lol
6.Susan moores murder
6.TRacy withholds Edwards heart medcine
7.Robert finds out Robins his daughter
8.Anna and Dukes wedding
9.Dukes death
10.SEan and Tiff wedding
11.Anna and Roberts death
12.Alan and Lucy wedding
13.mac arrival in town and robert punches him
14.Nik is laura's son with stravos
15Dominques death
16.Stones death
17.Steve Hardys death
18.Lizs rape
19.click boom
20.Sonny leave Brenda at altar
21.Bobbie finds Carly in bed with Tony
22.Bobbie finds out that Carly is her daughter
23.BJ' death
Hard to think of 50 eps lol
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