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Greetings. :)
When Fen was was crying, when he began to think Jamie may have jumped off because of his bullying, it seemed like Fen didn't push him off. But I am a bit confused. Didn't they show Fen staring down at Jamie laying on the ground? Then run home and text or phone someone? If so, what happened to Jamie? Did he go over in the fight by accident?
I am glad they are going to reveal Nikki is sick, maybe Victor will focus on her instead of trying to destroy Sharon's health. That story (Victor wanting to switch her meds) does not sit right with me. Adam and Victor are so much alike, with their dark evil streaks. Be awful if they kill Nikki off, I think they need a matriarch of some sort who has been on from the beginning to stay on, like Katherine has...and Katherine will probably retire one of these days.
I thought Dylan was going to shake up the women of GC at first, but not so sure now.
Is Carmine Abby's bf?
Will Cane and Chelsea hook up?
Will Lily and Tyler hook up?
Will Lauren and Carmine hook up? (My bet is yes)

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