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In the Lead Actress category there are thirteen submissions, meaning ten will make it to the next round … and the women vying for the honors this year are:

Susan Flannery, B&B - SCENE: Outside of her goodbye party, Stephanie comforts Brooke, who wants to spend more time with the Forrester matriarch. Stephanie asks Brooke to lead the Forrester family and maintain peace after she passes away in a bittersweet scene.

Heather Tom, B&B – SCENE: Katie announces to Bill and Brooke she’s leaving her marriage, new baby and life — and that she regrets ever getting pregnant.

Deidre Hall, DAYS – SCENE: Marlena and Will discuss his dating life at the Salem Pub.

Peggy McKay, DAYS – SCENE: Caroline and Victor reflect on the past and present — and how much they have changed.

Finola Hughes, GH – SCENE: Patrick confesses to Anna that he cheated on Robin.

Kelly Monaco, GH – SCENE: Jason hands Sam her dead baby.

Kelly Sullivan, GH – SCENE: Connie/Kate relives her rape in front of Ewen.

Laura Wright, GH – SCENE: Carly lashes out at Sonny and blames him for Jason’s death. She later apologizes and kisses Sonny.

Kassie DePaiva, OLTL – SCENE: Blair tells Todd she trusts him and suggests they reconcile before they make love.

Sharon Case, Y&R – SCENE: Sharon learns she’s bipolar and debates taking medication from her therapist.

Jeanne Cooper, Y&R – SCENE: Kay goes ballistic on Tucker for agreeing to marry Sharon on the day Victor is “buried.”

Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R - SCENE: An overwhelmed and emotional Nikki visits the Newman Ranch for the first time since it was mysteriously engulfed in flames.

Michelle Stafford, Y&R- SCENE: In front of a crowd at Crimson Lights, Phyllis freaks out on Christine after learning The Bug is suing her.

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