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I need this Caleb/vampire thing to go away ASAP. I never watched Port Charles and I am not a fan of the Twilight/True Blood/whatever else pop culture vampire craze. GH is pretty entertaining these days, but supernatural themes are a big dud for me. Only Passions could do that stuff and get away with it, and they couldn't even get away with it all the time. I also have zero investment in Rafe. Maybe I just need him to grow on me, and time will tell whether that happens, but as of right now I do not want and do not care. And while, like a lot of viewers, I'm not massively invested in Molly and T.J., I would much prefer Molly be with T.J. Her fervent belief in Rafe despite knowing virtually nothing about him aside from the fact that he's been implicated in his mother's murder is really annoying. I don't buy that this is already causing major problems for Molly and T.J.

Now on to the other stuff...

Glad Anna is finished with Luke! Luke gels so much more with Tracy. I've really enjoyed his re-emergence in Tracy's life lately. Their chemistry is undeniable. Luke's chemistry with Anna is nonexistent.

Not particularly interested in deadbeat dad Frisco. I guess a Frisco/Felicia/Mac triangle is on the horizon. Mac all the way!

Britt's vendetta against Sabrina still feels like a less compelling and less believable version of Lisa vs Robin. Let's flesh these characters out already.

Notice that the spoilers are mentioning "Kate" instead of "Connie". Is this significant?
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