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Tuesday, February 12 2013 sheknows

Abby gets hired, Paul saves Jamie, and Lauren stuns Michael.

Jack listens to a weather report about an incoming snowstorm at Jabot. Victor appears. Jack says if he came to make threats - leave. Victor tells him to stay away from Nikki. Jack says Nikki understands his situation. Victor doesn't give a damn. Victor passes Phyllis and Billy on his way out. Jack tells them Victor still has no clue who Nikki is. They discuss the new fragrance. Billy says they could call it 'Just Get A Room'. Later, Jack asks Phyllis to dinner at his place.

At the penthouse, Vikki asks Nikki what the doctor said is wrong. Nikki says they just saw something irregular in her blood. Nikki asks Vikki to keep quiet. They embrace. Later, Nikki has trouble playing piano. Victor enters. They share some close time. Victor tells her a doctor called earlier. She says she'll call back later. Victor talks about their wedding and traveling. Nikki thinks he'll be too busy, but they'll have a wonderful future.

At On The Boulevard, Carmine turns down Abby's drink offer, saying he's moved on. Abby apologizes for not staying in touch. He still won't have a drink. Abby tells him to have a nice life.

Michael tries to talk to Lauren at home, but she says he acted like his family doesn't matter. They bicker over her having gone drinking. She says she couldn't deal with him anymore. Lauren accuses him of making Fen's situation all about him. She warns he'll ruin Fen's life. Michael insists they can't be sure what happened that night.

Summer opens up to Kyle at Crimson Lights - she's not sure she can make up for the bad things she's done. Kyle gives advice and Summer says there's something she has to do.

Jamie contemplates jumping off the roof. Paul appears and tells him not to do it. Jamie says Fen was right - he's a worthless loser. Paul says Fen will pay for what he's done. Paul tells him he, Ronan, and Michael care about him. He says he can relate to how he feels right now. Jamie lets Paul pull him down. He tells him that night didn't happen how he said.

Summer finds Fen hitchhiking. He says it's better than having his life ruined by Jamie and his lies. They make up. Fen suggests they leave together. She doesn't want to go now, but says she'll leave town before Jamie tells the world what she did.

Paul visits Michael's house and tells him Jamie lied. Lauren is relieved - she knew Fen couldn't have done it. Paul barks that he might as well have - he bullied him for weeks - to the point where Jamie wanted to end it all! After, Michael tells Lauren he had taken himself off the case. She complains he hurt her by allowing Fen to be arrested. He apologizes. She's not sure he can make it up to them.

Paul returns to the roof for Jamie's backpack before heading to Phyllis' penthouse and telling her Jamie nearly committed suicide over Summer and Fen's bullying. She says Summer wasn't involved. Paul dials her in on the facts about 'Britni' and insists she make Summer take responsibility.

Abby and Jack discuss his addiction at Jabot. She vows to support him by returning to Jabot. Jack doesn't think the Naked Heiress is a good fit. Abby admits she doesn't want to be associated with it anymore - she's an adult. Jack hires her. "Welcome home."

Billy arrives home to find Vikki theorizing that the little things in life matter more than business. He suggests they take Johnny out or cuddle. Vikki decides to video chat with Reed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily listens as Cane tells Neil that Chelsea has drive and they'd be smart to get her while she's establishing her name. Neil asks why he's so high on her.

Mason tells Victor he's done everything he's asked him to do, but Victor doesn't think so at all.

Dylan phones someone and tells them he's going to be there a while longer as he looks at Avery's photo.
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