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Boy, Mrs. O’Brien sure does know how to stir the pot to cause trouble! I was hoping she would get fired. It was so nice to see Mr. Bates all cleaned up and smiling, he sure is a lot more talkative after getting out of prison and he and Anna are so happy fixing up their little cottage. I have never likes Barrow because he was a bully, but last night I actually felt sorry for him and I was glad that Mr. Carson and Bates stood up for him against the bullies in the house! Robert and Mr. Carson are having a hard time with change! With each day the women in the house disagree with Robert more! I would rather have Anna trying to get pregnant then Mary! Poor Edith if she didn’t have bad luck with a man she wouldn’t have any luck! Another great show! One more to go! SAD

OneBadKitty…it was inferred that Thomas told him on last night's episode when he asked Thomas to give him something to fight O'Brien with. We just didn't get to see that conversation on-screen.
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