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Viewing Single Post From: Y&R: February Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets

Feb 11 2013, 01:13 AM
Feb 10 2013, 11:29 PM
EH messed up but the way people were acting was crazy. Tweeting JG, BB, and CBS about it was overboard wanting to get her in trouble. People had been guessing Chelsea was gonna be pregnant after that quick Chadam reunion and the dream Adam had. Not to mention SOD was teasing about Chelsea being pregnant before EH even posted a picture of her script.
Agreed. The reaction to that photograph is completely over the top. Who gives a rat's ass if she sent that photograph and accidentally let out a spoiler? Puhlzee, some viewers act like a 19 year old virgin boy in a whore house when they get the chance to see some spoilers. I don't know why viewers would complain. She probably didn't expect people to get out photoshop and zoom in to read the text.

I'm sorry but that was just the dumbest thing ever.. she practically gave away an entire storyline... WOW!

All she did is reveal Chelsea is pregnant. That's not an entire storyline. Plus, I don't see too many viewers complaining about the spoilers they get at SOC. If people don't want to know the ending, they can skip the spoiler section, IMO. We are suppose to find out next week that Chelsea is pregnant, so she only let the cat out of the bag a week or two early. I fail to see how this is a shocking spoiler.
I think its funny how people that don't want spoilers read them the most then get mad when they don't like what they are reading.. These spoilers will be out probably next week anyways.
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