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Panda Panda
Feb 12 2013, 01:08 AM
My favorite part of the episode is when Sami said Allie was off with a babysitter, yet Johnny and Sydney were at home and playing in their rooms.

Way to go, Sami. You're a shoe-in for "Mother of the Year"
Lucas: Where's Allie?
Sami: Isn't she supposed to spend time with you?
Lucas: No, I had a meeting today.
Sami: Oh, she must be in Grandma Caroline's kitchen OR having a sleepover with my Aunt Kayla. Ok, go on. Let me romp with my beloved EJ some more.


If Allie were at a play like Sami said, shouldn't she be attending that with Lucas and not leave it to the babysitter? LOL. Does she hate this kid much that she's always somewhere but without her mother?

Mother of the year, YES. :D
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