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Call me petty, but I can't stop staring at Julie Gonzalo's scar. I don't know how I didn't see it the whole first season, but this season, it has been a huge distraction for me.

And speaking of.... I absolutely LOATHE the character of Pamela/Rebecca/whatever her name is... and it's not one of those "love to hate" things. I actually can NOT STAND the character. (PS- Why change the character's name for the 2nd season? Yeah, it was all part of her con, but Rebecca really IS part of her name!)

Kinda saw the whole "Frank committing suicide" thing from his convo with Cliff.. (when Cliff said something along the lines of "if you love me, you'll do the only thing acceptable that's left to do".... or something like that.)

Judith Light is bringing this bat-shit crazy character of hers to life!! I love it!!

And as far as everyone saying how boring Elena is... I love Jordana Brewster, but I do agree that Elena's pretty boring.. but I think the writers are going to involve her more in her brother's story as the season progresses. But who knows? I could be wrong!

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