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Making things worse.

Dr. Cameron realizes that his girlfriend is a virgin. Abby turns fifty shades of pink. She has to admit it though. However, her week isn’t nearly as rough as her mother’s. Chloe manages to make herself homeless. That turns out to be easy when Victor is the master of the house. The divaꞌs plan continues to pan out as Dr. Dan agrees to let her and their son move into his pad. Jenn is aghast. She explodes at the doctor. He explains that he will actually be staying in a hotel room but sheꞌs too angry to understand. The Horton storms off to attack Chloe, who remains confident that she is on the road to getting Daniel back. Jenn decides to make amends with her doctor, but demands more from him than he was expecting. She orders him to cut all ties with Chloe and get a lawyer to handle all custody issues. He thinks thatꞌs way over the top but she refuses to compromise.

After seeing how distraught Nicole is following a vicious fight with Lucas, Father Eric starts to think that she may still have feelings for her ex-husband. Before he can get to the bottom of her emotional turmoil, Nic decides on going back to her all purpose plan of leaving town when things get ugly. While she tries to run, Eric finds himself facing danger. Nic walks in on the priest being held at gunpoint by one of Salem’s junkies. She winds up in the middle of the scuffle. Although Eric saves Nicole, he ends up seriously wounded. Fearing that he’s headed for paradise without her, she yelps that she loves him. When he regains consciousness, she worries that he may have actually heard her profession of love.

Stefano pushes his daughter to stick with her plan to marry ‘the idiot’ when she starts to get cold feet about being so brutal. Brady is eager to move in with her. Kristen still has her doubts. Those are silenced after she has another run-in with angry Marlena. The shrink’s week continues to get worse after she receives a call from John that she can’t get enthusiastic about. Meanwhile, things get heated between Kristen and Brady when she throws his cohabitation plans for a loop. She does her best to convince him to move into Casa DiMera with her… and Stefano.

Rafe and Kate work together to try and convince Nick to delay the wedding. Nick won’t listen. Little does he know that his problems are about to get worse as one of his old fellow convicts stands perched for release. Meanwhile, Rafe continues trying to defend his sister. Fresh from getting an earful from Julie, Sami lashes out at Gabi. Rafe does his best to stop her tirade but Gabi freaks out and starts screaming in pain. She’s rushed to the hospital. Will joins Nick and Rafe to blame Sami. After they order her to stay away from the pregnant woman, Sami sneaks into her room to apologize. This only leads to Gabi going into premature labor. This also leads to everyone lashing out at Sami again, who insists that she was only trying to do the right thing. Elvis stands up for her. The labor halts and then Nick goes off on Sami. Amidst all of the turmoil, Sonny shows up to try and offer Will some support. He realizes how deep Willꞌs feelings for him really go.

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Spoilers for the week of February 18th · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion