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Netflix is better in a lot of ways for the cost, I agree, but I don't think Hulu sucks. I guess it just depends on what a person is specifically looking for.

Could I use that $8 dollars for something else? Sure! But for my situation, I'm wanting to move away from satellite television and start using an over-the-air antenna (for local broadcasts), probably a TiVo again. And I can get Hulu and Netflix on my Blu-Ray player (check these out guys! They're somewhat cheaper now than they were a few years ago and some offer these apps ... I'd assume you would need an HD capable TV but I don't know for sure).

Or a Roku. I've wanted to get one for a while but because my Blu-Ray player has Netflix/Hulu, I don't see a need for it. If it had a cloud DVR .... I would. Like the Boxee is beta testing right now. Wal-Mart offers the Boxee which will have a cloud DVR I believe and you can hook up over-the-air antenna to it and then stream from Hulu/Netflix. I THINK. Again, not 100%.

Just some thoughts for everyone if they want to watch :D
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