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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Nicole dreams she is working in the rectory when Eric kisses her passionately. She wakes up. She then recalls Kristen's warning to not fall in love with a priest. She mutters - No more tacos after 10, it makes you crazy. She goes back to sleep and dreams of Eric in bed with her. What the hell is wrong with me. She gets out of bed.

Sami pours her mom a coffee and asks how long John is going to be gone. Marlena doesn't know and she doesn't want to talk about John. You invited me over here to tell me something important about you. Sami did. I made a decision I should tell you about. You should probably brace yourself. Marlena - What is it? Sami - EJ and I back together. Marlena - When did this happen? Sami - The last couple of days. Marlena - Really? That's amazing. I heard you had a disagreement with Rafe ... Sami - Not a disagreement. It's over for good. Marlena - I know you feel that way but you and Rafe have been in this place many, many times. Sami - I saw him for who he really is and I don't want to be with a man like that. Marlena - You want to be with a man like EJ? A man who's treated you the way he has? A man who has been cruel to you? Sami gets up in a snit. Marlena knows she's frustrated and the news that Will is the father of Gabi's baby caused a lot of tension between you and Rafe. But to go from that to EJ, that really is a dead end street. Sami - How did I know you'd react this way. Marlena - Anyone who knows you will react this way. You're not just hurting Rafe, you're hurting yourself. Sami tells her to stop. Stop shrinking me and just talk to me like my mother. Marlena - Fine, this is your mother speaking. What the hell are you doing?

Stefano is happy to hear from Elvis. EJ isn't sure he's going to like the reason for this call. Stefano tells him to spit it out.

Kristen continues pretending to be drunk. She doesn't want to go home. She calls for the bar-keep. Brady asks for the check. Kristen stands up on the table and gets the attention of everyone there. I want you to know I love this guy. Brady lifts her off the table - Kristen picks up a drink off a server's tray. Brady is going to get her to bed. Kristen wants to kiss. Brady calls for the check again. Kristen points out they haven't had dinner yet. She's going to need another drink. Kristen starts pouring her drink out when Brady turns around and sees her - What are you doing?

Chloe thinks that Brady answers his phone but it's Daniel. What is wrong. She tells him she's at the hospital. It's Parker. He's burning up with fever. Dan tells her to calm down and tell him what's going on. She explains she was looking after Parker because Maggie had to go out. Parker was so hot, she couldn't find him so she took his temperature. I've never been so scared. Dan finds out his temp was 105. Chloe sees Kayla and hands the phone to her - tell Daniel what's wrong with Parker. Kayla confirms that Parker does have a temp of 105. A doctor is working on bringing the fever down but they don't know what's causing it. Dan will be right there. Dan tells Jen it's real. Chloe begs Kayla to save her son. Kayla is helping Chloe fill out forms when a nurse comes to her and says 'he's convulsing'. Kayla tells Chloe to stay right here. I'll come back with some answers.

Segment 2: To cover Kristen puts her arms around the plant and tells Brady she was watering it. I love nature. Brady leads her out as she keeps up her drunken charade. He takes her to a private room. She's embarrassed, she's a drunk. Brady doesn't think she's a drunk but she is drunk. She tells him he's right except when he's wrong and he's wrong about the marriage thing. Brady suggests talking about that tomorrow. She wants to talk about it now. The only reason he won't get married is because he doesn't want to upset John and Marlena. What have they done for us lately?

Sami demonstrates her lack of maturity by throwing the kids toys around. Marlena - Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I love you so much. I worry about you. Sami knows. The worry is because you think this has come out of left field but it hasn't. EJ and I have been working together very closely for months and it just happened naturally over time. He has been so wonderful to me and kind and there for me. It's been fun and easy, better than it ever was before. Marlena would like to be happy for her but it's going to take her some time. Sami - You're never going to see EJ the way that I do unless you're open to the possibility that he's changed a lot. Yes, no? Marlena - I'm wondering if he became the new EJ after his father left town. Sami - Well, yeah. Marlena - So I'm wondering if he'll be the same kind, gentle man when his father returns.

Stefano - You're what! Maybe I heard wrong ... EJ - You heard right. I'm back with Samantha and it's better than ever. Silence. Stefano - How did you manage that. EJ claims it just happened naturally, effortlessly. Stefano - No effort on your part of course. EJ - Are you suggesting Samantha engineered the situation? Stefano laughs. She's been know to go after what she wants with a vengeance. EJ has always admired her tenacity but this time they just fell in love naturally for once. I think it's really going to work out. Stefano just shakes his head.

Nicole is in the rectory all dressed up to go when Eric turns the lights on and asks her what she's doing.

Dan and Jen arrive at the hospital. Dan hears a nurse telling Chloe she can't be in the room. He goes to her. She tells him Parker is having convulsions and they won't let her go in his room. Dan tells her to calm down; he'll find out what's going on.

Segment 3: Kristen rambles on how the 12 steps aren't working for her especially with his stepmother. Brady says it's a complicated situation. Kristen - But you my seriously hot, hunky boyfriend make it so worth it because you make me so happy. I really remember the first time you kissed me. I love you that's why I want you to start thinking about all the reasons you should say yes to getting married to me. Don't think about the reasons to say no. I really want you to say yes.

Sami opens the door to EJ and she tries to play the femme fatale. EJ is there to talk about the ad campaign. Sami wants sex. She makes it clear the sitter will bring Allie home in a couple of hours.

Marlena is strolling though the park in the square when her phone rings. It's Stefano.

Nicole tells Eric she's going out. He asks where. She doesn't think it's any of his business. Eric - What's with the attitude. Nicole - I don't know so I'm going to go out; maybe I'll find a better one by having fun, something that's sorely been missing in my life lately. Eric - Fun is a good thing. There are certain rules at the convent that you have to abide by when living here. Nicole - Is there a curfew? Eric - No. That dress that you're not wearing ... Nicole - You don't like my dress? Eric - It's irrelevant. Nicole - So you like my dress? Eric - It's not a matter of my liking or not liking it. You can't go out like that. Nicole - You're very wrong. I can and I will.

Dan returns to tell Chloe they lowered his fever; it's not life threatening. Chloe is relieved. Where did the fever come from? Dan - They're looking into that now. He's going to be just fine. They hug. Dan tells her she did the right thing by bringing him here. Chloe was going out of her mind trying to call him over and over. He tells her his cell phone broke. Chloe called Jennifer's cell too. Dan - She didn't have it with her. You could have just called the club in Chicago and had me paged. Chloe - Chicago? Jennifer said you were going out here in town. She gave me the name of a club. Inferno, isn't that where you were? Dan - No, it isn't.

Segment 4: Brady is very touched by everything she said but ... Kristen - No buts. This isn't the booze talking. I'd say this if I was stone cold sober. I love you with all my heart and soul and I want to tell the world. And it's not because I want to shove John and Marlena's faces in it, it's because I've never been this happy before. I'm afraid of losing you so I guess I want to make it official. I want a big dress, I want to say vows, I want my happy ending. She starts crying. Brady believes everything she's saying but they have to go. He's going to get her coat. After he leaves Kristen makes a not so happy face.

Nicole calls Eric a hypocrite. It's not like you priests and nuns are so perfect. You guys get caught doing bad things all the time. You fired Brady and Kristen off the board because they were having sex! Oh my gosh, the horror of it all. Eric - That's not exactly what happened. Nicole - Whatever. It's normal, healthy, in fact for people to have sex. I'm sure you remember that. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're a freak like the rest of the people that work here. Or maybe you do remember and maybe you're just jealous because other people are having fun without you. I'm sick and tired of leading this boring, unsexy life and I'm going to make up for lost time. I'm going to go out and I'm going to have some fun. Silence. What? Just please say it.

Sami thinks they should tell the kids they are together. Sami wants to ignore Johnny and Sydney but EJ goes to check on them

Marlena - Why exactly are you calling me? Stefano - To impart information, that's all. I just thought you'd like to know that your husband was here.

Jen comes across Anne and says she needs information about Parker Jonas. There was an emergency ... Anne knows - Chloe was out of her mind when she couldn't find Dr. Jonas who was with you apparently and impossible to reach. Jen - Wait a minute, were you with Chloe when she found out Parker was sick?

Dan - There's no way Jen told you Salem. We planned on Chicago from the start. Kayla comes over and tells them the fever broke. The convulsion was a one time reaction to the high fever. Chloe - What caused the fever? Kayla - It was a virus. You guys can go in and see him now. Chloe and Daniel rush into Parker's room.

Segment 5: Eric - You're doing it again; acting out. You jumped all over me this morning for no reason. Maybe there is a reason. I just don't understand why you don't tell me what it's about. Nicole - FUN. That's it. Eric - Cut the crap. You were all over me this morning and now your screaming out, begging for a confrontation. Why are you deliberately trying to get a rise out of me. Nicole - I don't want to hurt you.

Jen - So you and Chloe hang out together in bars. You're friends. Anne - Yeah, we go way back. Jen - Oh really, I didn't know that. Anne - So what. The fact is Chloe is Parker's mother. You can't imagine how upset she was when she found out her son had such a high fever and his father was unreachable because he was out clubbing with you. It was a nightmare. Jen - I'm sorry. Anne - Sorry isn't going to cut it. Chloe is the mother of Daniel's child, you are nothing.

Kayla tells Dan and Chloe that Parker needs some sleep so they leave the room. Chloe hugs Daniel, thank God he's alright.

Brady has Kristen back in her hotel room. He thinks it's time for bed. He assures her he's not upset. She reinforces that she meant what she said - she loves him. She asks him if he remembers when she first brought up getting married. You laughed at me because you thought I was joking. It really hurt my feelings. It was like a knife in my heart.

Segment 6: Dan thinks Chloe misunderstood Jen. She would not say they were at Inferno ... Chloe tells him to wake up. She lied to me so you two could be alone and I couldn't find you. Dan - She wouldn't do that. Chloe - But she didn. Didn't you see how she shut you down when you guys talked about where you were going. She told you that she gave me the name of the place but she didn't. Did you happen to write it down on a piece of paper? Dan he did. Chloe - I saw her crumbling that paper so there was no misunderstanding. I thought exactly what Jennifer wanted me to think.

Jen is so glad Parker is okay. She thanks Kayla for letting her know. Kayla is sorry her evening was ruined. Jen recalls the arguement between her and Dan about the memo to call CPS. She also remembers confronting Anne about it.

Brady didn't mean to hurt her. She knows it wasn't intentional. Brady reminds her that she made light of the fact that he was laughing. He had no idea she was hurt. Kristen - That's because everyone thinks DiMera's are impervious to pain of any kind. Brady - I never thought that about you. Kristen - I opened my heart to you. Brady knows and he loves the fact that she did but they can't get married right now. You know the reasons why. Kristen - If it wasn't for John and Marlena ... Brady - It's not just them. It will still be impossible. It's just me. Kristen - What do you mean? Brady - I can't talk about it right now. It's been a long night. You need to get your rest. We'll talk tomorrow. She says okay.

Marlena - Why are you doing this to me Stefano? What do you want? Stefano - My dear, I want nothing. All I am doing is telling you that your husband was here and he's in good hands. Marlena - How very thoughtful of you. Stefano chuckles. If only I could beleive that you really meant that. This is going to be the first, no, the second of many talks that we are going to have. Marlena - Why in the world would you think that? Stefano - Our families are getting closer, no? We have Kristen and Brady and we certainly have my son and Sami. I can tell by your silence that you're not too happy with this closeness. But Marlena we both know that the heart wants what the heart wants. You should be very happy that your other son is a priest. He laughs. Marlena hangs up.

Eric - How could you think something like that? How? Nicole - Look at me. I'm not just talking about this outfit. I don't have it in me to be this good, Christian person that you want me to be. Eric - I want you to be you. I believe that you have it in you to be at peace and to do God's work the way He wants it to be, not the way I want it. Nicole - Same difference. It's never going to happen. Eric - It's getting late. Why don't you go to bed and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Nicole - Okay. Eric - So are you going to go to bed? Nicole - And do what? Count rosary beads. I'm going out. Eric - Fine, then don't come back.

Sami looks for a pen using that as an excuse to go through EJ's pockets. She finds a ring box.

Segment 7: Kristen waits until Brady is asleep then she gets out of bed and goes into the hallway and calls Stefano. He asks her how the night went. Kristen - Epic failure. He will not propose to me but at least now I know it goes beyond John and Marlena. Stefano - What other reason would be there. This jerk is not good enough to shine your shoes. Kristen - I don't know but I will find out and I will get him on both his knees begging me to marry him. Stefano - Be careful because even DiMera's can overstep at times like this. Kristen - Don't worry about me. It's a very small battle in a very big war. She crawls back into bed and mutters - I will get what I want. I will get what I need.

Sami opens the box. OMG.

Nicole - Let me get this straight. You would actually kick me out if I go out. Eric - There's obviously a lot you're not saying. Why don't you get some rest and we'll talk about this tomorrow when you're not so worked up. Or you can go and the conversation is over for good. So what is it? What do you want? Nicole gets in his face. I'll tell you exactly what I want.

Dan knows Chloe is upset about Parker ... Chloe snaps - This isn't about Parker. I know he's going to be fine and I'm greatly relieved. This is due to the fact that I could not find you when I needed you, when your son needed you. Dan - I know that's frustrating but Jennifer would not do ... Chloe - Don't take my word for it, ask her. She's right here. Dan turns to Jen - Did you lie to Chloe about where we were tonight. Is Chloe telling me the truth?
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