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I enjoyed last night's episode. First one in a while this season.

Villa Rosa! I love Lisa's house having a name.

I must've missed the episode where Taylor and Brandi patched things up and became BFFs. Taylor was really off last night. More so than usual. I've liked Taylor since Season 1. I thought she was a master pot-stirrer in the beginning. She did it and always seemed to keep her hands clean. Then I felt sorry for her in Season 2 with the whole Russell thing. This season, I'm not enjoying her as much. She stirred the pot last night, like she used to, but she certainly has gotten sloppy (in more ways than one) in 2 years.

I'm going to have to research a ceased and desist letter, and whether or not it's a lawsuit. From what I've gathered from just listening, it's NOT a lawsuit. It's just a way to get another person to stop speaking negatively about you in public. Adrienne sending one to Brandi would make sense. Brandi was speaking out of hand about Adrienne's family, and Adrienne wanted it to stop, so she took action. She's not suing her. Leave it to Brandi to blow things up from what they really are.

I liked Camille defending Adrienne last night.

Speaking of friends defending friends, Lisa sounded so immature last night with Kyle. Lisa is one of those friends that will fight her friend's battle, even when she's not asked to. That's just the type of person she is. And then, once Lisa's in some shit, she just expects her friend to come fight her battles. Not everyone thinks like that Lisa. Sometimes, your business is just YOUR business. And then demanding Kyle to tell Lisa she should've defended her. Fuck you, Lisa! That's what I would've said if I were Kyle.

I expected so much more out of Marisa this season, based on interviews she's done. She has disappointed me a lot so far. Maybe she'll actually come alive in the remaining episodes of Season 3.

Kim didn't show up to the tea party. Surprise! Not.

I blinked and missed Yolanda's appearance again. Surely, Bravo could've found another lady with bookoo billions and a beautiful Malibu mansion that would actually add more to the show than wealth. Why was she picked?

And who is Adrienne Maloof? Only the richest housewife in the entire franchise bitch. And SHE'S rich, not her husband.
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