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Oh my, when did Days of our Lives become a great, old-fashioned soap???? Should I thank Lorraine Broderick??? Seriously, how did this happen???

Ejami and their "near miss" proposals were so darn cute. Even though the idea of EJ DiMera being so excited about nail polish shades is completely preposterous, Everett and Sami made me laugh out loud at each little moment of confusion - such old school soap. Oh and the kisses were H.O.T!!!

Ericole is on fire (although fantasy scenes where she's standing and he's sitting are probably not the best idea, LOL). Their chemistry and subtext is just perfect, and I love the idea of Eric using the church rules as an excuse to not let her hook up with other guys - such old school soap. Although the way he's talking you'd think Nicole was about to sell hereslf into prostitution rather than go out for some drinks, LOL.

Rafe is PERFECT as a douchey, macho drunk. How has GG not been playing this role all along??? He and Kate were much hotter than I thought they'd be. And LOL at Kate's "blackmail" response to why State got together. Overall, the drunken hook-up was great - such old school soap.

Oh and Dannifer was on too. And even though I don't care about them or their story in the least, I at least have to point out the old school soapiness of the evil interloper causing the good girl to make a legitimate mistake that hurts her relationship.

Okay seriously, how did my soap get awesome?!?!
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