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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Feb 12 2013, 01:28 PM
Feb 12 2013, 01:26 PM
Oh, so now Rafe doesn't have a problem with Will being the father. It's all about his hatred for Sami. Ok, then.
sounds like the writers flipped the "what's Rafe's reasoning?" coin again.
I'm not sure it's that....To me Rafe's biggest problem wasn't that Will was the father of the baby, or that he was gay, or that he apparently used his sister or anything else I thought the writers could potentially tap into for some discord with Rafe and Will. His issue was that he apparently thought that Will didn't want to be part of this child's life and that he had somehow forced his sister into getting an abortion against her wishes. By the time he found out the truth and heard it from both Gabi and Will, he had calmed down and since Will told him he was present at the ultrasound and that he intended to be part of the child's life then all the animosity appeared to have vanished virtually overnight with him and Will. HOWEVER, for whatever reason the show seems to want to paint him and Sami at odds about Gabi....mainly being driven by Sami's totally irrational behavior when it comes to Gabi. Her continued attacks on her aren't going to do anyone any favors, and I'd be super surprised if Rafe didn't stand by his pregnant sister in this regard, especially when he mentioned not too long ago that she's the only thing he has left in Salem and that he's already lost one sister, he doesn't want to lose her too.....

I know the reason Sami is using not to be with Rafe and be with Ej...but when you think about it...the only one thinking rationally now isn't Sami....what guy in their right mind would let Sami continue to talk to their pregnant sister in that regard, time and time again. I realize at first it might have been more justified, but now that Sami knows the truth there is really no excuse for her to continue to lash out at Gabi....
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