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I am so sick of the Brandi vs Adrienne argument. It's getting so repetitive.

Why would Brandi say her lawyer received a letter from Adrienne, which Adrienne claims didn't happen?? It makes no sense. Like Brandi says in her commentary. She could show the other Housewives and prove it.

I agree Drew that a ceased and desist letter and a lawsuit are different but Adrienne claims that NEITHER has happened, like Lisa I don't think Adrienne is telling the whole truth. It was hilarious that Adrienne and Kyle had to bring the resident pit bull with them but I was quite surprised that Faye didn't speak a word.

Kyle is a crock of shit, (I still can't believe how I went from loving her to loathing her in a season) for her to say that she didn't defend Lisa in neither situation because of her anxiety is bullshit. She sure had no problem going to bat for Adrienne every 5 mins. I completely agree with Lisa, why is it nobody defended her when accusations from the Maloof bitch came out. I don't recall a single person going to bat for her. Kyle is what Taylor was in Season 1, starts shit and then sit back and watch.

As much as I like Brandi she is starting to get on my nerves with her 'no filter' attitude. It can only go so far.

Rumor has it that Taylor is on her way out (YAY) and that Faye may become the newest housewife (Shoot Me Now).
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