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Today was made of WIN!!!! :rockon:

Ejami brought the humor and adorbs in spades. So cute! I think EJ knows she saw the ring. Sami would not stop hinting at marriage. The things he said seemed like a deliberate attempt to have her thinking proposal. I couldn't stop :laugh: at Sami's disappointments when EJ took out other things from his coat. Then the make out in HTS was hot!!!! :omg: Those two are so in love and Sami is more than ready to change her last name to Dimera. :chee:

Ericole brought the old school angst! OMG, my emotions!!!! I don't even want to say how many times I clutched my chest from an overload of emotions. Those two are it!!! :wub: Keep it coming!!

Rate/Kafe were cute, funny and hot! Color me shocked! :omg: First of all Drunk!Rafe beats any other kind of Rafe EVER. I want him around more often. The flirtations between Kate and Rafe were sexy and cute. She looked gorgeous but sloshed! :lol: When they started making out? :omg: When they had sex? :sheep: My jaw was on the floor!!!

Oh yeah, Dannifer was on too. Whatevs.
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