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I think Taylor's totally on her way out, and Bravo's letting her destroy herself as she goes. She was on Andy's show last night and he made a not-so-nice comment to her about how drunk she was at that moment. Not cute.

For me it's splitting hairs to say whether the letter is a lawsuit, especially since allegedly the letter was to force Brandi to sign something and if she refused- which she says she did- she would have been sued. Or at least that was the threat. I don't think Brandi fully understands the situation, though, and she shouldn't be putting it out there the way she is. There's only so much sympathy I can muster.

Adrienne responding to Brandi by throwing out an allegation of her own was pretty classic behavior for someone covering something up, imho. Bravo seems unhappy with her, though. They opened the episode by reminding us that Adrienne's first reaction to hearing what Brandi did was to threaten a lawsuit. Makes it harder to believe her later on.

The only thing that interests me about this at this point is...it seems to be another franchise being taken down because of the impact of the show on people's lives and relationships. That's kinda sad.

I agree about Lisa's lack of maturity. I actually thought Kyle held her own and explained herself really well in that conversation- not that I buy the anxiety part, but the part about Lisa holding grudges is pretty true, imho. Lisa also came off as super controlling in that conversation.

Back to Taylor- I don't think she's friends with Brandi. I think she's pissed that Adrienne convinced people to freeze her out after her husband sent a cease-and-desist letter, and now Adrienne is apparently doing the same thing with no consequences. If she were sober she might be able to explain that better, and I think there's a point in there...buried.

Did anyone watch ATL? I don't know what to think of Kenya's issue after seeing commercials for some new medical-related reality soap on Bravo. I was like...was that real, or was it laying foundation (as in BH when Sur employees appear at random).

OH- and WTF was that with the horses at Yolanda's place? She doesn't have enough money to get her daughter 2-3 horses and that's a sad thing? Brandi apparently does have self-control, not to respond to that mess.
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