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Today's show was directed by Albert Alarr from a script written by the DIVINE Melissa Salmons.
I was just thinking, we haven't seen a script written by Lorraine Broderick in a while. Did I miss anything where she became a head-writer? I thought she was a script writer?
I think Lorraine Broderick is a breakdown writer. Her name has never been down as the writer, I don't think. But her influence can be felt on the show. I hate to be the person that trashes Tomlin when he's bad and gives credit to someone else when the show is good, but there has been a very noticeable shift and I'm giving some credit to Lorraine Broderick. Especially this jarring change in Nicole. The show flows together so much better. That involves breakdowns too so its hard to say her influence on the show. They are definitely keeping it under wraps.
I'm gonna a admit my lack of knowledge here, but what does the breakdown writer do exactly?
Matt will probably give you a better answer, but here's my quick one. They are the link between the HWs who create the overall stories and the script writers who write the daily episodes. They decide what will comprise each episode, including what will happen in each scene and which characters will be included, in order to tell the HWs' overall stories. Then the script writers take the episode breakdown and write the actual scenes and dialogue.

That's why a lot of people credit LB with the overall structure of episodes and things like unique character interactions.
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