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That's just bullshit. It's one thing to claim she's not suing her (a cease and desist isn't a lawsuit it's the threat of one, but you also don't need to sign something for a cease and desist - you just cease and not get sued). It's a totally different matter to claim she didn't even send her the letter. How would she lie about this .... she can produce the letter! Adrienne's making another one of her terrible attempts to save face when thrust in the middle of conflict which she's incapible of handling herself.

And yes, it's totally not nice to accuse poor Chef Bernie. This would be the same Bernie whom Paul is now suing for slander and extortion over the spousal abuse claims he sold all over town.....

How would Kyle think it acceptible to bring Faye into Lisa's home?! And did we all notice Faye literally jumping up and down in her chair during the fight with Brandi/Adrienne? Human urinal.

Taylor I actually didn't mind for the first time in 2 seasons:
- Yes, Camille is a hypocrite for defending Adrienne for sending the same thing that was sent to her.
- Yeah, Kyle is a bad friend for throwing her out of a party over this letter and defending Adrienne doing the same thing now

And Lisa ... ew. Why is there a phone right next to your toilet? Unsanitary!

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