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Streetcorner Philosopher

Feb 12 2013, 05:32 PM
And I honestly wouldn't mind Faye joining the show. She's rich. Controversial. Not afraid to speak her mind. She would fit in with the Beverly Hills girls. A lot more than Brandi.
I tend to agree she'd fit in more than Brandi (Brandi and Taylor both...need to just leave BH and be happy in a suburb somewhere, imho). But I think Faye is too contrived and controlled to ever really be interesting. Without Brandi there as a target, who would she go after?

Adrienne did say she never sent a letter. Brandi asked if her (Adrienne's) attorney ever sent a letter to Brandi's attorney. Adrienne said no, that never happened. I think that's when they shamed each other dramatically.

I wonder...what would this season even be about if not for this? Kyle's boutique? Do any of them actually do anything (that's not on a spin-off).
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