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Spencer Hastings
Feb 12 2013, 02:10 PM
Nice house! It's a little strange for my taste, but I love that the entire thing is eco friendly.

It IS getting tedious that Bo is getting the Mickey treatment. I would have fun messing with everyone and just say that Bo is continuing his little midlife crisis and that he went to "find himself" like Jack did. He visited Chelsea, ran into Carly, and bam, they're living together in Europe eating bonbons happily.

I know it's a terrible idea, but at least I'd be amused by the reaction from the fans. :P Heck, CC would love the secondary attention too!
Considering Hope hasn't really been on that much as of late, it's no surprise that Bo's still getting the Mickey treatment. At least we've gotten hints that there's something more going on than just an extended visit with Shelle & Claire.
CC doesn't need any more Bo/Carly attention. From what i've heard, and given the fact that she's clearly not over whatever happened (or didn't, though she thinks it did) during her return to Days, any remote hint that Bo even sent an email/text to Carly would add fuel to the embers that she, for whatever reason, is still keeping lit.
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