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Feb 12 2013, 06:52 PM
Feb 12 2013, 05:27 PM
I particularly enjoyed the "[revised] story" part. Even Today.com knows retconning when it sees it.

And guess what Days? I just got Nielsen "TV Viewing Diaries" in the mail today. I'm going to be putting "NOT Days of Our Lives" in the 1:00 slot. Or maybe "ANYTHING BUT Days." I know you think we viewers and our opinions don't count, just your precious numbers, but now I'm a Nielsen family, bitches!

Did you get those oh-so-crisp dollar bills in the envelope too? ;)

I agree with Nadia...it IS sad that Chloe is in this situation but I understand her motivation. Nothing is more important to her than Parker and if she can give him a stable, happy family, she'll do whatever she can to obtain her goal. It's too bad Daniel doesn't feel the same way...or maybe he does, but it's more about himself and his stable, Horton life than it is about Parker. :shrug:
I did! Five crisp dollar bills! :D

There's a few things that bother me about Chloe right now - the primary one being that Kate indicated Philip and Chloe were together off screen. And it sucks that there's no residual effects from that. No missing Philip but choosing Daniel because he's Parker's father. Instead it's being played like Philip was some kind of stopgap until she could go after Daniel again, and I call bull. Philip is her best friend, she's highly attracted to him, he was her first love and she thought he was the father of her child for how long? I hate the way people on this show just shake off their relationships like it's nothing.

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