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Viewing Single Post From: 40th Annual Pre-Nominations Ballot Revealed!
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I don't know even know why they even put other women in the Lead Actress category. That award is going to be Flannery's. No matter what. As for who I'd like to see nominated along with Flannery, I pick Tom, Hall, Hughes, Monaco and Case. Tom just because she's Heather Tom. I don't think Hall has the material to win, but she just deserves to be nominated. Hughes was awesome with the material Carlivati gave her. As was Monaco. And like the writing or not, Case carried Y&R in 2012 and brought it every time. That alone, makes her deserving of a nomination for Lead Actress.

Not sure why McCay was pre-nominated for DAYS. She has never every been a leading actress on DAYS.

Gering is definitely a Lead Actor, so he's in the right category. Mascolo should be replaced with Christian. There's no reason Christian should be considered supporting in 2012. Scott should've been pre-nominated as well.

Berris is the only DAYS star I'd like to see get nominated for Supporting Actor. Hate the character, but he's playing the shit out of this brand new Nick Fallon. And proving why he never should've been let go in the first place. Dumbass Tomlin!

I don't want to see any of the ladies pre-nominated for Supporting Actress actually get the nomination. Zucker has the best material out of the actresses, but she wasn't a supporting actress last year. She should be in the Lead Actress category, replacing McCay. I hate when they place Zucker in Supporting Actress. They've been doing it since she started getting nominated, and she's been Lead, pretty much, since she came back.
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