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Feb 12 2013, 07:39 PM
Feb 12 2013, 07:33 PM
I thought you couldn't say if you were a Nielsen family. 'Cause people like me would totally pay you to lie (Happy Endings- you watch it) about certain things (like Happy Endings, which you watch everytime it's on, even when it's not announced ahead of time it will air at that time).

As for the interview- I love her for this: "She's more in love with the idea of being in love with him - not the actual person. That's kind of sad."

I think I'm on record as never having really cared for her or the character but that right there puts me firmly in the fan camp. It makes for an easy exit- Chloe realizes she never loved Daniel- but it totally makes sense to me. Yay for her. Seriously.
I think I'm only a Nielsen family for a week or so. It doesn't say anything in the instructions about not telling anyone, or else I wouldn't have. :) Plus, I would totally be open to bribes if NBC wanted me to go there. ;)

I can also believe that Chloe is just in love with the idea of Dan, because the actual man is such a disappointment.

I kind of love the thought of Chloe realizing she doesn't love Daniel the man, though I wonder what leads her to have that epiphany. Because there must have been a time when she did sincerely love him, revolting as that is to contemplate. And the propping of Daniel is so over the top, we're led to believe that no woman can ever possibly get over him. :rolleyes:

I still hope that Chloe's the catalyst for Dannifer to implode under their own suckitude as a couple, even if she doesn't reunite with him. Hell, my dream scenario is for Daniel to get dumped by both women and leave Salem with his tail between his legs, never to return.
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