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Feb 12 2013, 11:25 PM
So far I'm believing that Kristen really doesn't want John back so I don't see it happening. It might. Kristen's motivations have been kept under wraps. I really do get the feeling that she HATES John and Marlena now. The only times she was really nice to John was when she wanted to torture Marlena. When she revealed her true self to John it seemed like she hated him just as much as she hates Marlena. I'm really not sure where this is all going and I don't mind that.
Marrying John doesn't have to be about wanting him back. If Kristen marries John, that would keep him away from Marlena. That would actually be very Machiavellian of her, putting her need for revenge above her (apparent, at least for now) hatred for John. The thought of marrying John might make Kristen's skin crawl, but knowing that it would torture him and Marlena might be more than enough to make up for that little detail.

Hell, Kristen could even have some fun with the whole thing -- make John sign a contract (using Marlena as a witness) that says that he'll have sex with Kristen as often as she wants, force Marlena to be the maid of honor at the wedding, force Eric to perform the ceremony, forbid John from ever seeing Marlena again ("That woman ruined our relationship once before, and I will not let her do so again!"), lead Marlena to believe that Kristen's having sex with John on a regular basis (and that John is really starting to enjoy it), and have some sort of leverage in place that ensures that John won't be able to divorce her without serious repercussions.

As revenge plans go, I'd say that my hypothetical plan would be much better than dumping Brady at the altar.
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