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So I tuned in to see what everyone is raving about and I agree there is much to be positive about. I enjoyed most scenes and found that everything went by fast with most conversations interesting. To add to the chorus - can't stand Jen and have no idea why Daniel is even with her (and I hate daniel normally)...felt there was more heat in the looks with he and Chloe than there was angst in his conversation with Jen. Also - why do you want to be with someone who thinks you're a moron or that they know better than you about a situation that involves your own feelings...I'd have told her to take a flying leap.

I also agree that Rafe was far far far more interesting drunk and sarcastic. And a wee bit sexy, which is a surprise as I don't think I've ever found him remotely attractive. However, I'd have to disagree strongly regarding the comments about Kate being good in these scenes. While I didn't hate their scenes as much as I thought or would, or find them icky, I just cannot stand LK's acting. She seemed little different drunk; I don't find her over the top coquettish behaviour sexy in a woman that age (and to be clear, I'd feel the same of any woman over the age of 40 acting that way complete with pouty lips and the exaggerated 'sexy' stares), just smacks of desperation. Maybe it's that I have never been able to stand the way she holds her head at that angle (always slightly tilted upwards) or the way she speaks, I don't know but I didn't find her 'drunk' any more appealing than normal.

Loved Ericole and while the subtext was clear as glass, I found the drama over her wanting to go for a drink, the cause of their conversation, wholly unbelievable and ridiculous. Surely the writers could have come up with a better reason for such a conversation? Like she was going to mainline drugs or rob a liquor store. Just way way to dramatic when all she was going to do was go out...she didn't join the convent there after all.

Still don't like Ejami so found their 'cuteness' grating.

But my minor complaints about a few characters I typically hate anyway (Jen, Kate and Sami) don't detract at all from an otherwise enjoyable episode. It's amazing how much more appealing the show can become when they get the simple things, like pacing and continuity of scenes, right.
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