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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

I am so sorry ... I had it almost all typed up and I hit the wrong key and lost my entire report.

I will try and do a quick recap from memomry.

When Eric asks Nicole what she wants she fantasizes about kissing him passionately. She keeps telling him she can't tell him what the problem is and Eric keeps asking her to talk to him.

Rafe sits at the outdoor cafe in the square drinking - he recalls his argument with Sami in the park. He goes to see Eric. He is cleary inebriated. He lets it be known that Sami has let that loser back in her bed and it's okay with him. He realises though that he interrupted something between Eric and Nicole. Eric suggest he go home and get some sleep. Rafe will do that but he has something else to do first. Nicole asks him where he's going. The outdoor bar is still open. Nicole tells him to buy her a drink and she'll be there shortly. He leaves. Eric makes it clear that if she leaves she can't come back. Nicole rummages around in the desk drawer until she finds her stash of money. She gets ready to leave but stops in the door and looks at Eric. Eric is sorry if he made it sound like he was trying to get her to live the kind of life he lives. He feels he drove her to leaving. If you were leaving here a clear thought of where you were going and what you wanted to do, I wouldn't stand in front of you. I know you, I know who you are and you're running. You said something earlier tonight; that if you stay here you'll somehow hurt me. Is that really what you think? Nicole - Yes. Eric - You can't. You won't. You're a good person. Besides, I think I would see it coming. You don't want to give yourself the credit you deserve, let me do it. I have faith in you. Trust me. Nicole says she's blown the whole night standing here. Can we talk tomorrow? Eric says sure. Nicole - You know what I wish. Just once I wish I saw the person you see.

Kate is at the pub drinking when Stefano calls her at her attorney's request. She reminds him it's tax season and they need to file a joint return. After some talk Stefano insults her in Italian. Kate hangs up on him.

Jen admits she lied to Chloe about where they are going. Before Dan says anything Kayla comes to take Chloe and Dan back to Parker's room. Both parents say they want to stay with Parker when Kayla informs them she wants to keep him overnight. Dan returns to Jen and he and she go somewhere private to talk. Jen makes it clear she's sorry about the result but she's not sorry she lied to Chloe because after her chat with Anne she knows that Chloe was going to try and ruin their night again. Dan's attitude is so what. He wouldn't have let her. This means Jen thinks he's stupid. Jen argues that she thinks he's too trusting. He's a good man but she sees how that can be taken advantage of ... she seen it with Nicole. Dan thinks Jen could not be more wrong about this. Jen doesn't think so, not in the big picture. Dan needs to get to Parker. Jen stares at him and then turns around and leaves.

Sami and EJ were on. Sami is trying to get him to propose. EJ keeps playing her - first pulling out his cell phone from his jacket and discussing a report they just received. Then he pulls out a multi-coloured nail polish that they're set to release. The babysitter brings Allie home. EJ asks her to stay as he and Sami have work to do and need to go out. They end up in the square. EJ comments that everytime he brought up business she was distracted. He didn't want to talk business, he wanted to have sex. Maybe they could go somewhere a little more private.

Rafe is sitting on a bench in the square drinking when Kate comes along. He says hello. Are you going to ignore me? Kate has some words she wants to share with him. Rafe tells her if she's going to get on his case about Gabi she needs to get in line behind Sami. Kate says that's too dangerous and tells him why. Kate asks him if he's okay with Will being a father to this child. He replies - Will is the father and he has no problem with that. Kate doesn't see why they can't agree to be reasonably reasonalble about all this. She then declares that she needs a thesaurus. No, I need a drink. Rafe will buy her one. She tells him not to beat himself up over Sami - just look straight ahead and move forward. He heard about how things weren't easy for her. She's strong, independent and gets things done. Kate laugh - That makes me sound like a battleaxe. Rafe laughs and tells her she's beautiful. She repeats Stefano's Italian insult and adds 'my ass'. She explains to Rafe that it's an Italian phrase meaning 'grandmother witch' or 'old bat.' There's even children's story books about this witch who lives in a small village, meddles in everyone's life and cures warts. Rafe asks her why she ever married that man. She answers 'Blackmail.' Rafe can't believe that. Kate doesn't know Detective Hernandez, or Rafe, well enough to tell him the details. Rafe thinks she's well rid of Stefano when she says he turned out to be the love of her life. He's crazy ... must be from all those pyramids and secret tunnels and being hooked up to machines. Kate laughs. She thinks she better head home. Rafe doesn't think she can drive or walk. Kate would like to see him try and walk in high heels right now. Rafe tells her she'd have to pay him for that. He offers to walk her home. She accepts. Kate trips when they get to the Kate. Rafe - Easy tiger. Watch it. It's a good thing I'm not in heels or we'd both be on the ground. Kate - That was embarrassing. Rafe - Nobody's watching. Kate - This was fun. I feel better. Rafe - Yeah, me too. Kate - You're kind Detective. Rafe - Kind? You mean about that strega nonsense. Forget it. Kate - It becomes a little harder to do at a certain point in life. Rafe - I meant what I said. Kate - About what? About me being beautiful? Rafe - Yeah. They kiss.

Dan and Chloe are with Parker. Jen arrives at home. Daniel is so right. Even if Chloe is Chloe we're just going to have to deal with it. I'm not going to sink to her level especially when I saw what could happen tonight. I'm not going to do it. He's so right. I can't text him because his phone is broken. She phones the hospital and leaves a message with a nurse to write down and give to Dr Jonas. This is Jennifer and I'm so, so sorry. Chloe hears the nurse repeating the message. After the nurse ends the call Chloe lies to her about some guy needing help. She takes the note and rips it up.

Nicole is back in bed dreaming that Eric comes to her saying 'I knew you couldn't go.' She wakes up.

Sami and EJ kiss in the same spot Rafe and Kate had kissed. EJ gets a business call. Sami will see him tomorrow.

Rafe and Kate are in bed together kissing.
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