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Loved Ericole and while the subtext was clear as glass, I found the drama over her wanting to go for a drink, the cause of their conversation, wholly unbelievable and ridiculous. Surely the writers could have come up with a better reason for such a conversation? Like she was going to mainline drugs or rob a liquor store. Just way way to dramatic when all she was going to do was go out...she didn't join the convent there after all.

Like x1000

I didnt believe the premise at all. A drink? If i had just flipped vhannels id think she was going out to do crack and be a prostitute
I didn't feel that way because I thought it was clear that Nicole wasn't just going out to have a drink, she was looking for a hook-up. I felt like that was what Eric was objecting to, not just a drink.
I agree. That was reinforced for me when Eric told her "you've been there before, I promise you" when she mentioned going to the new club.

Yeah, that was a great line. What I loved about the whole conversation is that Eric could tell that Nicole going out as not just about her going out for a drink, but about her taking a step backwards in her life. It wasn't that Nicole wanted to have fun, it was that Nicole wanted to escape from her life. That was what Eric was objecting to (as well as, I believe, a little latent jealousy). I thought it was really well played all the way around.
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