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Ok, where to begin...

Eric & Nicole- I agree that his reasons for arguing with her are stupid as Hell...But I loved the longing glances and all that sappiness. Ari Z can spin gold out of anything she is given. It was nice to see some personality in GV.

LOL @ GG saying "shit." LOL@ GG pretty much this whole episode...And he was totally gonna try to tap that when he saw Nicole in that dress. I love Kate so it kinda irks me that she was the back up girl...But it's Rafe and really I wouldn't wish his boring ass on Kate OR Nikki.

That said...I think LK REALLY elevated GG's performance, though how hard can it be to play a buffoon? He's been doing that unintentionally for a long time. It's weird being on Rafe's side for anything. But I really enjoyed KRATE and their mutual hatred society.

AS continues to look and act horribly. I will never understand the appeal. I never have, I never will. She sucks. But I still fully support the EJAMI suck-fest because FFWDing them has been heavenly. I got the gist of what was going on in their scenes...A ring, AS over-acting (as always) with phoney looking surprise...JS scampering around talking about lipstick and shit no one cares about...(seriously? Why mention the work shit at all if there's not a real espionage/corporate war story brewing...no one cares)

Kate and Stefano's conversation was terrific. I love Steffy listening to his opera. I want him to fuck with John and SING operas about going after him like in the old days hahaha

Ann..."I'ma take the stairs..." was one of the best lines in the whole episode lol

Dannifer and Chloe can all jump off the pier. They all suck. Hard.
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