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I thought inebriated Rafe going to see Eric and then checking out Nicole was perfect. They all played off each other so well. But, I'm not on the Kate and Rafe hook-up bandwagon. I found it ridiculous for both characters even with the booze excuse. They are both good looking people and I agree that their kiss was heads above the awkward looking ejami grope, but that certainly wasn't worth watching over my distaste for the pairing. My gut reaction through the whole thing was how forced on them it felt.

I really, really, really wanted Nicole to leave and go out and have some fun. Eric is adorable, but he doesn't bring life to her the way I want. I just find it dull to have Nicole pining after another guy and trying to be someone he wants her to be. Maybe if she was allowed to be wild and Eric was shown to fight everything he felt about himself I would get into the story more. I also have the overwhelming urge to call him 'Shorty' when he's in scenes with Nicole.

I think Ej is minutes away from getting his period. I'm just waiting for Sami to give him a celebratory make-over with company products to mark the occasion.

I'm so tired of Dannifer and poor Chloe being brought back to give them more story. I just don't care about any of it. I wish they had put her in Brady's circle instead.

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