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Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been counting your posts, likes, pm’s, and tweets to find DR Fans’ Top 10 Romantic Moments. See if yours made the list!

10. Jack and Jennifer: “I believe in you”

Jack had worked hard to redeem himself in the eventual aftermath of raping Kayla, but once again, Jack’s past caught up with them. This particular time it’s in the form of one of his advertisers pulling out after another newspaper mentions his connection to Harper. Jack was concerned about how much he was destined to be like Harper, but someone believed in him.

“Jack and Jennifer "I Believe in You": To me this is the embodiment of good soap opera. Angst. Romance. The push and pull. Long awaited kiss. And, it's Jack and Jennifer, so a tad bit of humor too.”

9. Steve and Kayla’s First Kiss

He was hired to stalk her and scare her into moving back to Salem so that she wouldn’t uncover her nephew’s kidnapper (although Steve didn’t know that was why). Steve had history with Kayla’s brother, and he was more than happy to creep her out. But there was just something about him that she couldn’t ignore. After months of dancing around their feelings, they just couldn’t deny them any longer .

“Steve/Kayla's first kiss was hot! That was when they knew how to do real slow build ups. Soooo worth the wait. And so many great moments along the way.” happy

8. Steve and Kayla Dancing on Rooftop

This took place right after Kayla lost her hearing. Her lack of hearing is pretty important to the scene. Despite not being able to hear the music, Kayla asks Steve to dance and, even when the music ends, Steve and Kayla keep dancing proving they didn’t need the music to share the moment. Kayla’s hearing loss led to another moment on our list, and it also led to a pretty big moment in the most watched episode of Days ever...Steve and Kayla’s wedding.

“Steve and Kayla dancing on the roof top after she'd lost her hearing has always been and always will be one of my favorite scenes from Days.” angie37

7. John and Marlena Reunite on the Pier

Marlena had just woken up, but where was she? She made her way back to Salem to find Roman (RoJohn) and begin her life again. She was reluctant to approach him in person after she learned he was engaged to Isabella! Meanwhile, Roman kept seeing clues that reminded him of Marlena. Why was this happening now? He left his engagement party and made his way down to the Pier, a special place he'd shared with Marlena. He was stunned when he heard a familiar voice call "Roman", and out of the mist emerged Marlena. They kissed, and their pier reunion has become one of the classic Days scenes of all time.

“Want to give a nod to [...] John & Marlena's pier reunion. [That’s a] pretty iconic DAYS ROMANCE moment to me, complete with unadulterated earnest outpouring of the kind of love that makes you think you can climb mountains and swim oceans and defeat evil scientists and save England, etc.’ DesignatedShelley

6. Lucas Sings to Sami

It’s kind of a hard to believe that this scene was smack dab in the middle of the Melaswen story. Lucas and Sami had been in a drastically back and forth relationship for the last 12 years. There has been way more bad than good, but their relationship had taken a turn in the year leading up to this. Lucas had actually already tried to propose a couple of times before this moment, but Sami refused to agree until he put some thought into his proposal. And with some help from Julie, he did.

“OMG soooooooo schmoopy! And of course Sami takes ten years to give an answer - way to leave a guy hanging.” elci525

5. John and Marlena: Strawberries and Cream

Roman and Marlena had had a special fondness for strawberries and whipped cream. This J&M scene is after they’ve discovered that John is Roman, and he’s still
trying to recover his memory. He tells Marlena that he remembered something important, and he proceeds to show her in great detail. Of course, a few years later
we would find out that he never really was Roman, but that doesn't change the fact that this scene helped cement him as Roman for viewers in 86. And the best part was that strawberries and cream continues as a J&M theme until this day.

“RoJohn and Marlena's strawberry scene from 1986. <3 Some super cute dialogue there.”

4. EJ and Sami in the Abandoned House

Remember the days when EJ was just EJ Wells, the mysterious British gentleman across the hall? This scene between EJ and Sami actually happened while they were on their way to Sami’s wedding to Austin. They ran into this house to escape the rain, and as luck would have it there were fancy outfits for them to wear to really set the mood!

“EJami and the abandoned house does it for me too. Dancing and EJ looking super hot in that sailor's jacket. Le sigh!” AngelOB

3. Jack and Jenn’s Rooftop Proposal

This proposal did not turn out quite the way Jack had hoped. Jennifer was still traumatized from Lawrence Alamain raping her and Jack was still in a pretty serious state of self-loathing. This all happened, of course, after many months of Jack pushing Jennifer away to protect her and Jennifer marrying Lawrence to protect Carly. This proposal even comes with Shakespeare quotes...from both of them!

“The rooftop proposal is the essence of everything that was great about Jack & Jennifer.” SoapGal1

2. Steve and Kayla Sign Proposal

At the culmination of Jack and Kayla’s marriage, following the rape .kidney transplant, and an attack by Harper Deveraux, Kayla was deaf and mute. Steve and Kayla had been having an affair behind Jack’s back. Kayla was only with Jack in the first place because Steve had shunned her in hopes that his younger brother would have the will to live (he had Hodgkin’s Disease). When Jack realized that he was part of the reason Kayla had gone deaf, he finally granted her a divorce. This opened the way for Steve and Kayla to be married. Steve learned sign language so that he could communicate with Kayla, and because of that, we now have this moment.

“The OTT cheesiness and schmoopiness is everything that ever caused me to roll my eyes at a soap opera. But when coming at the culimination of all of the above, it also made me bawl. And that's what makes it great.” esp13

1. Bo Kidnaps Hope from her Wedding

This is arguably one of Days most famous scenes, so it’s not surprising it received the most votes...by far. Like a good 80s Days’ hero, Bo had spent the last few months pushing Hope away to protect her. Hope was hurt and angry and determined to marry Larry Welch. From Bo bursting in to declare his true feelings, to Howie taking Hope’s place in the ceremony, to Bo taking off from the church with Hope on the back of his motorcycle, these scenes are pure classic. But we have to ask, do you think these scenes would carry near the same punch without that soundtrack?

“My pick would be Bo kidnapping Hope on his motorcycle. To me, that is one scene that truly defines the show's super couple era.” darraholic

And as some members pointed out, there are few couples that have an unfair disadvantage.

Doug and Julie are widely regarded as Days’ first supercouple. They even appeared on the cover of Time Magazine! Unfortunately, their storyline played out in a time that hasn’t shown up on youtube yet. Their portrayers met on the show in 1970, and they have been married since 1974. More than 40 years later, they are still a part of the show. It could only get more romantic if we got to see them a little bit more often.

And finally, the couple who started it all. Their marriage is still often referenced in the wedding vows of their friends and family. Their legacy is still intact 83 years after their first wedding.

Did we miss your favorite? Discuss in this thread. If you have any ideas for future countdowns, let us know here, too. Thanks for participating!
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