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Today is my least favorite episode of the week and its still pretty good. Its not up to par with the last two episodes, but I'm also not fawning over Eric and Nicole either.

I'm shockingly enjoying Rafe and Kate and their hungover, awkward, embarrassed mess of a morning. I like that Kate just wanted to drop it and Rafe wanted to talk about it and Rafe made the first move. This seems to be in character for Rafe to me. For as little as we actually know about Rafe and his dating life. Kate's "What the hell?" before they went for Round 2 was classic.

The Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe storyline is just so repetitive now. Jennifer does act like a teenager over not hearing from Daniel. Its been a couple hours. You were a bitch. Deal with it. I really have just wanted Chloe to wreck Jennifer and Daniel, but for a split second in the hospital today when Chloe was discussing planning out their day with Parker with Daniel...I really wanted Chloe to win at everything and get her man. It would really be a punishment for the character. But whatever. She's not one of my favorites anyway.

Stefano is coming home! Thank god. I think its fairly obvious that Brady doesn't want to marry Kristen because all of his fiances end up dead and Stefano should realize this as soon as Kristen brings it up.
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