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NE Spoilers week of Feb. 25th

Nick threatens Sami to stay away from Gabi, or else.

Sonny reads Will's undelivered Valentine's Day card

Eric pulls Nicole into an emotional hug

Kristen suddenly opens up to Brady about her time in Europe

Stefano tells John the news about Brady and Kristen

Abigail and Chloe have a heated fight

**UPDATED 2/16**

Monday ("Angry Nick")
An angry Nick warns Sami to stay away from Gabi; Sonny and Will reunite; Nicole decides to leave town.

Tuesday ("Kristen is Shaken")
Kristen worries when Brady catches her in a lie; Eric is physically assaulted; Nick demands that Will give up his rights to the baby.

Wednesday ("Honest Talk")
Kristen and Brady speak frankly about Kristen's time away from Salem; Eric contacts Abe about a new project.

Thursday ("Chloe and Abigail")
Chloe and Abigail battle it out; Sami confronts Nick about his prison record, but he stands firm.

Friday ("Special Name")
Gabi picks a special name for her baby; Chloe comes up with a brilliant plan; Abigail and Cameron have an awkward moment.

Chloe tells Abigail that her support of her mother’s relationship is a stab in the back to Jack.
Sami plans to use Gabi's past to help Will.
Kristen has a genuine anxiety attack when Brady overhears her gloating to her father.
Marlena has a warning for Nicole.
Nicole witnesses a moment between two secret lovers.
Will is surrounded with support as Nick’s threats force him to make a difficult decision

**UPDATED 2/19**

Putting an end to things.

Nick resorts to threats when he attempts to keep Sami away from Gabi. Fallon then corners Will and bluntly makes it clear that he know who really shot EJ. Will runs off and tells his father. He fears that he has no choice but to give into Nickꞌs demands. Heꞌs about to turn himself in to the cops when his father and Sonny talk him out of it. Meanwhile, Sami comes back for round two with Nick. This time she threatens to use Gabiꞌs past against her to battle for custody.

Kristenꞌs plans to get Brady into Casa DiMera hit a snag when he catches her bragging to her father about moving her new beau in. After he lashes out at her, she erupts in a genuine anxiety attack, shocked to realize how profoundly she has come to care for him. Just to demonstrate how much she feels for him, she opens up to ‘the spawn of the pawn’ about her very difficult relationship with her father and what she was doing for all of those years that she was away. Meanwhile, John hears that Brady is moving in with the DiMeras and decides to head back to town fast.

Once again, Nicole decides that it is probably a good idea for her to leave town. The return to this plan of action is inspired by Marlena planting a flea in her ear about her blatant feelings for Salemꞌs youngest holy man. Father Eric has more to worry about than a womanꞌs desires though. The junkie returns to the church and starts to strangle him.

Chloe continues to rip Jennꞌs life apart. The Hortonꞌs attempt to pry the diva out of the doctorꞌs life flops as he refuses to give in to her demands. Jennꞌs appalled. At that moment, her daughter gets into a furious fight with Chloe, who accuses her of stomping on Jackꞌs memory by supporting Jenn and Danielꞌs relationship. The controversial couple arrive as the two ladies start to wail on each other. After the fight is broken up, Chloe decides that the best remedy for this horrible situation is to call her mom in to help. And Jenn decides that the best way to simplify things is simply to dump the doctor.


Monday February 25:
After sharing a secret with Sonny, these two reunite.
Nicole decides to leave town just as Eric's attacked!

Tuesday February 26:
When Brady catches her in a huge lie, Kristen's shaken up and opens up about her relationship with her father.

Wednesday February 27:
Nicole witnesses a close moment between secret lovers. What will she do about it?

Thursday February 28:
When Sami confronts Nick, he stands his ground, saying she can't use his prison record against him because he served time. Little does he know Sami has something else up her sleeve to use.

Friday March 1:
Jennifer's comforting of Abigail turns to anger when she learns what Chloe said to her daughter. Will Jenn break up with Daniel?


Updated 2/22

Zap2it week of Feb. 25th

2/25, Nick tells Sami to stay away from Gabi; Will opens up to Sonny; Kristen convinces Brady to move into the mansion; Marlena issues a warning to Nicole.

2/26, Kristen talks to Brady about her relationship with Stefano; John decides to return to Salem; the junkie attacks Eric; Nick blackmails Will.

2/27, Kristen and Brady have an honest conversation; Nicole sees a moment between secret lovers; Daniel tells Jennifer he can't cut ties with Chloe.

2/28, Abigail and Chloe fight; Will tells Lucas what Nick has against him; Sami confront Nick.

3/1, Will must decide whether to give up his parental rights; Gabi chooses a name for the baby; Jennifer tells Daniel she wants to break up; Abigail walks in on Cameron changing.
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