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God help me I enjoyed Rafe for an entire episode. Lauren Koslow worked some magic. But it didn't rub off in his scenes with Gabi (which I have never, ever enjoyed in the history of the two characters) so there's a change happening.

Jennifer/Daniel hallway scenes were embarrassing and horribly acted. They couldn't convey emotions through their acting so she awkwardly rubbed his face before leaving. Okay.

Hope is being written as a horrible person, IMO. I wanted to throw something through my TV. "The Hortons will stand behind you." in the battle between Nick and Will? Um, someone brush her up on who she is related to, please. I know its the writers fault before someone starts defending KA. But it still sucks.

I'm looking forward to the scenes where Brady opens up to Kristen about why he doesn't want to marry her. Gives Eric Martsolf another chance to win me over. Everyone is surprising me lately on this show from the writers to the actors so there's a chance! Maybe.

I'm glad to see Lucas, Stefano, and Kayla more. They aren't doing anything overly important, but at least they're being used. The more we see them the more there's a chance they will do something relevant. Lucas is obviously on his way up because he's about to be involved in two different storylines. I hate that Kayla and Hope are just sounding boards for everyone else right now. Hoping their time will come.

My highlights today : Stefano is coming home! Rafe and Kate work well together and GG and LK actually have some awkward chemistry together. I want more. Enjoyed Chloe today.

Lowlights : Bristen was pretty dull, but there will probably be some good movement tomorrow. Thank god. Dannifer continues to bore me to death.
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