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Nick threatens Sami to stay away from Gabi, or else.
We already knew this, but I love it. Ready to see Blake Berris go at it with the big dogs. And I'm ready to see someone put Sami in her place. Here's hoping Blake comes out of these scenes shining. This is one time when Nick is in the right because Sami is about to cause Gabi to have a miscarriage with her neverending drama.

Sonny reads Will's undelivered Valentine's Day card
Okay. Hopefully this puts Sonny and Will back on the right path. I enjoy Brian, but if he's not around I'm really into the type of angst they've been providing for Sonny and Will. Just get back together already. Will is going to need Sonny by his side during this war with Nick.

Eric pulls Nicole into an emotional hug
Normally I would laugh at a spoiler like this, but with the chemistry that Nicole and Eric have shown this week I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the scenes that leads to them being emotional. Can't wait to see more of them.

Kristen suddenly opens up to Brady about her time in Europe
I'm sure Eileen Davidson will rock these scenes. I'm interesting in hearing what was going on with Kristen for all of those missing years. I'm sure this will only be part of the story, but I hope its something good.

Stefano tells John the news about Brady and Kristen
I'm really loving how much Stefano is getting to twist the knife to everyone lately. His gloating is delicious. I guess this news is about him living with Brady and Kristen in DiMansion. John and Marlena are going to lose it.

Abigail and Chloe have a heated fight
CANNOT WAIT for this. Please don't let this just be Dannifer propping. I'm almost positive it will be, but Kate Mansi will rock these scenes. She plays better with the older group so this should be fun.

Overall I'm happy with the spoilers. I might have read these same spoilers a month ago and been annoyed and disgusted but I have an overall positive outlook on the show right now.

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