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Feb 13 2013, 03:03 PM
Feb 13 2013, 02:55 PM
I excitedly clicked on this thread, hoping to see a new spoiler for Will and Sonny...and of course that's the one spoiler that turns out to be a repeat of a spoiler from the previous week. :badmood:

I have this annoying feeling that this is going to be a really big week for Will and Sonny, but we're going to see almost nothing whatsoever in the spoilers about it. I'd love to be proven wrong, though (about the spoilers, not about it being a big week for Will and Sonny).
Only one set of spoilers has been posted in this thread. There's plenty of time for some Will/Sonny spoilers to come out. This stuff isn't airing for almost another two weeks. ;)
It really has nothing to do with this first set of spoilers. I realize that there's still plenty of time for new spoilers about Will and Sonny to surface. This first set being a repeat about something that actually occurs during the previous week just reinforces a general fear that was already in the back of my mind before this thread was even posted. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Will and Sonny (especially Sonny) have had big moments that were barely even mentioned in the spoilers, so I don't think that my fear is completely unfounded. It's not even really a complaint, per se -- the spoilers never really reveal everything that's going to happen, and I realize that. It's more about being impatient because I'm dying to know if Will and Sonny actually get back together this week.

And let's be honest -- a hug between Eric and Nicole being deemed important enough for a brand-new spoiler, while Will and Sonny get a rehashed spoiler from the previous week, is slightly infuriating, no matter how anyone tries to spin it.
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